Unmanaged Dedicated Server Usage Policy


This document is meant to inform and outline your responsibilities as a Webiness Dedicated Server Customer. In order to procure your dedicated server, we ask that you agree to, and abide by, the conditions outlined below. If you have any questions, please send them to sales@webiness.com or give us a call at (888) 932-0008 for prompt assistance.

In the end, we welcome your business, and appreciate you choosing Webiness for your business hosting needs.

Defining Responsibilities

An unmanaged dedicated server leaves nearly all of the management duties of running a server in your hands. Ultimately, an unmanaged dedicated server is best for someone with server management experience. Therefore, as our customer, your responsibilities are as follows:

1. Customer Responsibilities

  • Installing new software (must be done remotely)
  • Updating existing software as needed or desired
  • Applying necessary security patches or system updates.
  • Performing kernel compiles and operating system restores
  • Monitoring security (outside of the bundled security services that are included)
  • Proactively backing up and restoring your data With this type of dedicated server, you will be solely responsible for day-to-day operations and maintenance of your server.

Webiness, as the service provider, will be responsible for the following:

2. Webiness Responsibilities

  • Provide a base installation of the requested operating system, and install any service packs or security patches that are necessary before handing the server over to you
  • Monitoring the overall network and troubleshooting connectivity issues
  • Addressing hardware problems and replacing failed hardware components (at no cost to you)
  • Providing and monitoring the physical security of the datacenter which houses your dedicated server

Server Access

Webiness’ unmanaged dedicated servers are located in a private, securely controlled area of our datacenter, and customer access, in general, is never allowed. If you need to install software or interact with your server, it must be via a remote connection.

If you have an absolute need to physically access your server, we recommend you inquire about a colocation solution, which would provide you with 24/7 access to your server as needed. If you do not have your own server, you can still lease or purchase a server from us and have it stored in the colocation area of our datacenter.

Transferring Data

If you have a large amount of data to transfer (i.e. to pre-populate your site with initial content, or upload a large database) you may submit a CD or DVD containing your data to our support department, and one of our administrators will upload the data to your server using a local connection; you will be notified once the transfer has been completed.

For answers to questions or further information, please contact sales@webiness.com or give us a call at (888) 932-0008 for prompt assistance.

Administrative Assistance

If you require the storage space and bandwidth provided by our dedicated server offerings, but do not have systems administration experience, or just need help troubleshooting a tricky problem, we’d be happy to assist. The pricing structure for our administrative services is as follows:

Hourly Rate: $75
Minimum: 1 Hour (billed in 20 minute increments after the first hour)

You will be notified of any incurred fees, and they will be itemized on your existing bill as “Server Administration Services” accordingly.

Support & Escalation

For support inquiries, we ask that you submit a support ticket, which provides for the most expedient means to a resolution. Support Tickets are entered, tracked, and resolved within our support system, and you can be assured your issue will not fall through the cracks if submitted via one of the following ways:

  • Online Support
    Visit our online Support Center at http://support.webiness.com and create a quick user account. You will then be able to submit and track your trouble tickets in one location. You will receive email confirmations and updates as the ticket moves through our system to a final resolution.
  • Email Support
    Send your support issue to support@webiness.com and a trouble ticket will be automatically generated, and entered into our support system. You will receive email confirmations and updates as the ticket moves through the system up to a final resolution.
  • Turn-Around Time
    Most support issues will be resolved within an hour after their submission, but please allow up to 24 hours for complex issues requiring systems analysis or technical troubleshooting. You will be updated accordingly throughout the lifecycle of the ticket, and status notifications will be emailed to you as the ticket is worked on by our support staff.

    If an issue will require more than 24 hours to resolve, you will be notified via email accordingly.
  • Escalation
    If you have a critical support issue (e.g. server goes offline and you have no access, network connectivity issues etc.) that needs immediate attention, please call (509) 688-2570 or contact one of your colocation escalation contacts that should have been provided to you upon establishing service with us.

Additional Policy References

As a reference please refer to the following additional policies and agreements which will also apply to you as a Webiness customer: