Our Facility

Rock Solid. Reliable. Secure.

Webiness operates a carrier-class, state-of-the-art data center located in Liberty Lake, WA. We're a carrier-neutral facility, featuring multiple fiber-optic providers connected via dual-entry, self-healing architecture. This redundant connectivity ensures network resiliency. Webiness operates our own privately-lit fiber-optic network, which connects with regional “meet me” points in a self-healing ring topology. This approach offers multiple pathways for your data to reach its destination, avoiding bottlenecks.

All the Right Connections

Webiness offers a complete business-continuity solution, and an iron-clad Service Level Agreement covering uptime, latency, packet loss and outage notification guarantees, ensuring industry-leading service. What does all this tech talk mean to your business? Total availability, security, and reliability.  Your critical application(s) will stay running and connected at all times.

Webiness has built its reputation by delivering superb connectivity, stability, customer support, and value.  We are committed to our clients' success.

Redundancy Is King

Our network is engineered with reliability and security as top priorities. In our state-of-the-art facility, multiple providers connect via a dual entry, diverse route and self-healing fiber optic architecture. This connectivity ensures network resiliency, with "best-of-breed" solutions from all providers.

In addition, we also operate our own privately lit self-healing fiber optic networks. This approach offers multiple pathways for your information to reach its destination, using the quickest and most efficient route to get there, on-time. We offer connectivity through several leading providers to ensure your critical applications stay running and connected.

We keep your critical services running smoothly, because we know that you can't afford to lose your customers. In short, we help you reach your goals. We provide you with the tools and services your business needs to succeed.

Our Servers

We take extensive efforts to ensure that we only purchase, configure and install high-end server hardware from reputable vendors. Each server is handled with care and precision, from purchase to installation in our data center. You can rest assured that any server purchased by Webiness is based on state-of-the-art technologies available today. Here are a few server highlights:

  • Expertly Configured and Maintained
  • Redundant Fail-Safe Hard Drives
  • Advanced Security Safeguards
  • Redundant Lightning-Fast DNS Servers
  • Advanced Best-of-Breed Anti-Spam Technologies
  • Never Overloaded/Overburdened with Too Many Customers
  • Only Qualified Individuals and Organizations Are Allowed to Host On Our Equipment

Environmental Controls

Temperature Control
The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is redundant, which ensures consistent temperatures and humidity under any environmental conditions. Six 25-ton cooling units, each capable of handling the cooling for the entire data center, are mounted in strategic locations.

Air Filtering
The HVAC system is also fitted with an extensive filtering system for dust and particle removal, which enables the servers to operate at optimal levels.

Static-Free Environment
The floor of the entire data center is raised and made of tiles designed specifically to reduce the possibility of static electricity.

Fire Suppression System
For fire suppression, the ECARO-25 UL listed NFPA 2001 compliant clean agent gaseous fire suppression system is the latest in technology.
It was developed to extinguish fire without damaging sensitive server equipment.

Redundant Power
Our servers have redundant UPS backup power systems plus an on-site Cummins diesel generator with 350,000 Watt Capacity, ensuring uninterrupted power.