Webiness Cloud Hosting

Scalable & Redundant Solutions for Your Business

Webiness Cloud servers is a new way to put your business online. Quick provisioning, redundant infrastructure, and flexible options make this the perfect service for just about any company.

Why Webiness Cloud?

  • Redundant Infrastructure: The hardware that the "cloud" is built upon is fully redundant. Each point of failure has been reviewed and backup systems have been put in place.
  • Scalable, Flexible, Elastic: With "Cloud Servers" you are not limited to physical hardware. Upgrades can be provisioned and applied in a matter of moments (many times without a restart).
  • Quick Provisioning: There is no hardware setup, so putting a cloud server online takes minutes, not days.
  • VMware Based: The Webiness cloud is built with industry-leading technologies and it begins with VMware. VMware is the brains that allow the cloud to do all that it does.
  • Less Resources: Because of the nature of cloud computing, you'll need less resources to do more. That not only optimizes your server, but saves you money. Let us setup a demo for you to try, you'll be amazed!
  • Nightly Snapshots: Included is a nightly snapshot backup of your server. Copies are kept for seven days. Restores are free, just contact us with a request.
  • File Level Restore: For an additional cost, get a file level restore system that allows you to restore specific files or the whole server. Ask about pricing.
  • Term Discounts: Sign a contract and you'll save even more money, up to 35% per month. Month to month prices are great, but term discounts push them even lower.

Ready to Get Started?

Our basic cloud server starts at under $100 per month with a best term discount. We can have it up and running for you in minutes. Give us a call at 888-932-0008 for a customized quote.